Headset - Microphone Walkie Talkie - Ø 2.5 mm (T or F)

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Headset Kit Microphone for Intercom / walkie talkie
  • Ø 2.5mm jack 
  • Compatible with many Walkie Talkie ...
  • 360 ° rotation of the earpiece (for use on the right or left ear)
  • available types: model  T model 
  • See photo for Plug sizes
  • Tell us your choice under "comments" frame in your cart otherwise your order won't be processed!
  • NOTE: Plug Jack straight or angled depending on delivery!

NOTE: The list of walkie-talkie models is too long to certify compatibility: please refer to the manufacturer specifications of your device to ensure that you need a "T" or "F" type jack Before ordering.


  • Type T  motorola Talkabout, T46, T5308, T5428, T5628, t5720, T6200, T6226, T6508, FV208, CLS1418, M8688, T6200C / T5428, T5628, T5728, T6200C, T7618, etc ...
  • Type F motorola FR50, JT-3118, Baofeng BF-T3 RT-388, RT-628,RT-31,RT-32, Bell Radio T-388 T-228 T-328 628

​More compatibility for Modèle T (supplier informations):

  • EM Series: EM1000, EM1000R, EM1010TPR, EM1020R;
  • MR Series: MR350R, MR355R, MR356R;
  • MH Series: MH230R;
  • MB Series: MB140R;
  • MC Series: MC220R, MC225R, MH230R;
  • MJ Series: MJ270R;
  • TKLR Series: TKLR For T3, TKLR T4, TLKR T5, TKLR T6, TLKR T7, TKLR T8, TKLR T9, TKLR T60, TKLR T80 XTB446, XTR446, XTL446, PMR446;
  • Spirit GT / GT plus;
  • SX500, SX620R, SX700, SX709R, SX750, SX800, SX900, SX920R;
  • FR50, FR60;
  • F60, FV200, FV200R, FV200AA, FV300, FV500, FV500R, FV500AA, FV600, FV700, FV750, FV800;
  • T270, T280, T289;
  • T4000, T4512, T7000, T4800, T4800AA, T4900, T4900AA;
  • T5000, T5000AA, T5100, T5146, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420, T5422, T5500, T5500AA, T5512, T5522, T5532, T5550, T5600, T5620, T5700, 5710, T5720, T5725, T5800, T5820, T5822, T5900, T5920, T5950, T5950AA;
  • T6000, T6200, T6210, T6212, T6220, T6222, T6250, T6300, T6300AA, T6310, T6312, T6320, T6322, T6400, T6412, T6500, T6510, T6550, T6512, T6552R, T6500AA;
  • T7000, T7100R, T7150R, T7200, T7200AA, T7400R, T7400AA, T7450R, T7100, T7150, T7200, T7400, T7450;
  • T8000, T8500, T8550;
  • T9000, T9500, T9550, T9500R, T9500XLR, T9550XLR, T9580XLR, T9650, T9680.

Compatible also with (not controlled):

  • TLKR de Motorola : TLKR T80, T5, T7, T8, T60, XTB, T6, XTR446...
  • TalkAbout de Motorola : T5022, T5412, T5422, T5522, T5532, T5622
  • Motorola XTR446
  • Motorola XTL446
  • Cobra MicroTalk : MT 600, MT 800, MT 975



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