Handle For PC Replacement Wii Remote controller - black

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You can use Wii remote and nunchuk play all of PC games without Wii console. PCWU by Wii controller buttons, camera sensor, posture sensor, movement, joystick, etc., re-defined as a standard mouse, keyboard, game controllers and other data, thereby realizing no need to modify the standard definition of PC game. You will have a wireless mouse. With the keyboard, mouse, you can be more than a simple, rea control of PC games, because the games controller is based on ergonomic design, the keyboard is only applicable to typing, while the function of the mouse too little. Support game controller in each game custom settings Support the players download games from the web site profile file (.PRO), and then input into GameBar main interace where you can directly use, and you can also re-map the profile if not satisfied. Hardware and software requirements: Recommended minimum configuration of computer: Operation system: Windows XP or Windows Vista Processor: 2.4GHz or above Main memory: 512MB or above Flash memory: 80GB or above Graphics Acelerator Memory 256MB Noteice: Minimum configuration for PCWU only, Please refer to the manual for te game if it requires highter configuration. And Microsoft DirectX is needed for most PC games. Color: white Dimension: 254*30.5*12mm Package include: 1* USB Bluetooth receiver 1* Receiver holder 1* Driver * software disc 1* Operations instruction


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