Tazer Shocker Electric Self Defense Smartphone IPHONE Shapped

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Tazer Stun Gun Self Defense Electric Shocker IPHONE SMARTPHONE shapped


  • TASER is a registered name (not a common name) as intellectual property of AXON Enterprise Inc. (USA)
  • Following the request of AXON Company (see their letter below), inventor of TASER and owner of the brand and name "taser®", we are not authorized to use the word "taser" to sell SHOCKERS and others Electric STUN GUNS.
  • In a letter from AXON Enterprise, they asked us to replace the word "taser" (designating in everyday language, even if it has nevertheless become usual and customary, all self-defense weapons with electric pulses), by other terms such as than TAZERSTUN GUN, or SHOCKER ...
  • In conclusion: when you read TAZER on our website instead of TASER, it is not a spelling mistake.

Self-defense electric Stun-gun disguised as a portable​


  • With Led Torch
  • 25 KV to 1.9 Amps minimum -
  • Color: White, silver or black (random shipping according to arrival)
  • Before ordering, please ensure that the laws of your country permit you to own such a device!
  • We are not responsible if the item is seized in customs (whenShipping outside of France).

Considering French law:

  • This item is a weapon of 6th category.
  • Its detention is authorized.
  • Its sale is prohibited to minors.
  • Holding it in publc area is forbiden (except for legitimate reasons).

​Letter from Axon (see also photos)


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