Belt with Hidden integrated Knife Skull Ghost embossed Buckle

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Belt with dissimulated foldable knife in Buckle Skull Punisher Ghost embossed


  • Detachable buckle
  • Knife with security lock blade
  • Size: see pictures
  • Black PU Leather Belt: Overall length: 1M20 / Width: 3.5 cm / 1st hole at 95 cm - Last hole at 115 cm (possibility to make other holes)

French weapon Category D : Sale free but prohibited to minors

Extract of the new french decree which defines the hands weapons:
- Definitions: Art1 - 10 °:
Weapon: any weapon whose perforating, cutting or breaking action is due solely to human force or to a mechanism to which it has been transmitted, excluding an explosion;
- Classification in category D: Art.2 D 2 °: All objects likely to constitute a weapon dangerous to the public security of which: the firearms not camouflaged - the daggers, the knife-daggers, the batons, the hypodermic projectors and the other weapons appearing on a decree of the Minister of the Interior.


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