Programmer duplicator key electronic RFID TAGS 125 KHz

Programmer duplicator key electronic RFID TAGS 125 KHz

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Handheld 125Khz RFID Copier Writer / Duplicator Copy ID Card

 Let just duplicate, copy keys, key rings, badges and RFID electronic cards on 125Khz frequency.

  • can copy the cards RFID 125KHzEM4100 / EM4001 / EM4102 / TK4100 / EM4305 / T5577 / T5557 / T5566 / 5200 / 6608 / CET5577 / CET5520  etc...
  • works with 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with 5 tags (blanck) and without notice

The way to use:

  • A, will switch to ON position, Power indicates a second flashed exhibit of lanterns ( Switch On, Power Led should flash one second. )
  • B, placed to copy the card in the card reading area ( Put a card what should be copied in Read Area )
  • C, press the Read button, read card Read indicating exhibit of lanterns flash, and the buzzer will ring;( Press Read Button, If Read oK Read Led should flash and Beep sounds )
  • D, place a piece of the need to write the card in the card, press the Write button keep, about one second, a buzzer sounds. Said copy success, such as more than two seconds without noise, please adjust the card position or change a writable card copy.( Put a card should write, Press Write Button and keep press, about one second, if Beep a sound means Copy succeed )
  • E, if you want to copy more same ID card, repeat steps D( If want write more card same ID, repeat D )
  • D, please don't will switch to the off position( Switch Off for save Power )


This product in 2010 for a new generation of products, support multiple types of cards


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Lot of 5 tags / keychains 125 KHz RFID blank EM4305 Lot of 5 tags / keychains 125 KHz RFID blank EM4305
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