About Shipping

About Shipping

Explanation notice of “SHIPPING COSTS” and Shipping

The amount of order processing and shipping costs for "small items" to mainland France are €3.00 for the first item (€7.50 for so-called "bulky" items), then 0 .90 € for the following.

The amounts announced by the terms "shipping costs" are not representative of the actual cost of shipping. This is a global package for processing the order and may, depending on the case, be lower or higher than the actual cost of shipping.

Shipments are systematically accompanied by a tracking number which is communicated to the buyer and can be consulted on the website of La Poste or the chosen service provider.

By the terms "shipping costs", we mean the costs of packaging, postage, collection and shipping, as well as all costs incidental to the processing of an order: customs costs (if necessary), edition of documents, invoicing, and commission from banking intermediaries (Paypal).

*Due to the new taxation, we no longer ship to the DOM and TOM or outside the European Union.

*Items departing from France can only be shipped to mainland France and Corsica.

*Items departing from a foreign country (dropship) can only be shipped to mainland France, Corsica, and to the European Union.

The delivery times announced on each product sheet are for shipments in mainland France and given for information purposes only, they are "average times observed" by La Poste Française or by the chosen delivery service provider. Under no circumstances could they be the subject of a claim or compensation in the event of a delay in delivery.

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